Childhood Domestic Violence Association

The Founder of the Childhood Domestic Violence Association, Brian F. Martin, and the Founder of Growth-U, Rod Hairston, have been friends for years. They have started companies together and share two things in common: both grew up living with domestic violence in their childhood homes and both created organizations that support healing and awareness. Together, they are introducing groundbreaking resources to the Austin area to help children who are experiencing Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV).

As children in a domestically violent home, they came close to allowing their past situations to shape their future lives. Feelings of...

Shame. Guilt. Blame. Victim. ALL LIES

Growth-U has partnered with the Association because CDV has a profound impact on a life that can last well into adulthood. It impacts an estimated 15+ million children in the US today and 40+ million adults experienced it as children. That's 1 in 7 people. But despite its scope and impact, CDV has < 15% awareness among the general population. Most people who were impacted don't realize it is "a thing" and those who do, have very few places to turn or resources available to help them.

Rod Hairston

1 in 7 people experience CDV. Did you?


Childhood Domestic Violence - a phrase you may not have heard until now, is when a person grows up having lived in a home with domestic violence; violence between parents or violence towards a parent from a step-parent or significant other. CDV negatively wires a developing brain and can encode a series of negative beliefs (LIES) that, if unchecked, can last well into adulthood and cause major challenges in some or all of the 4 key areas of life: physical health, emotional well-being, behaviors, and relationships.

People who experience CDV are:

CDV is also the single best predictor of becoming a victim or perpetrator of domestic violence in adulthood. Even among those who do not succumb to these statistics, many face lifelong struggles and are unable to lead the lives they were meant to because no one stepped in to help them connect the dots and unlearn the LIES learned in childhood; they are simply unaware of them. But for every LIE, there is a transformative TRUTH -- and buried beneath this experience is an arsenal of hidden strength and gifts earned in exchange for the price paid. Replacing the LIES with the TRUTHS can activate these gifts and put them on the path to reaching their full potential.

Do you find yourself struggling in any area of life, despite having great accomplishments in other areas? Here are some simple things you can do today to begin to shift the paradigm of your life:

Watch the short trailer of CDV's award-winning documentary, THE CHILDREN NEXT DOOR, to better understand CDV and its insidious nature.