Mastermind Community Developing Your Genius

Imagine joining forces with a community of dynamic and courageous individuals who are committed to growth, leading by example and having greater impact in their world.

Enjoy live weekly coaching with world renowned advisors, authors, subject matter experts, industry leaders and other dynamic coaches who will provide insight, principles and stories all designed to develop your investor identity in key areas of life.

You are an extraordinary genius. Go deeper with live interactive training, coaching and team video calls with Growth-U advisors as they share leading edge tools and insights within a community of dynamic peers who are leading by example and making a greater impact in the world.

Discover 10X more of what you're capable of with Growth Mastery:

  • Weekly LIVE Training Calls with Speakers, Authors and Experts
  • Weekly LIVE Team Calls led by Certified Mastery Advisors
  • Weekly Focus Assignment
  • Weekly Coaching Videos
  • Yearly Retreats to Share Your Growth Story and Meet your Mastery Community

Participants of Growth Mastery have gone on to:

  • Found a Billion Dollar Organization
  • Become an owner of a NBA team
  • Heal and rebuild after breakup or divorce
  • Own over 35 Organizations
  • Win an NBA Championship
  • Lead an organization to Forbes #2 Best Place to Work under Google
  • Lose Millions and Come Back with More

Transformational Coaching and Masterminding.


The program is designed around 6 key themes to support your life. Focusing on one area of your life for every four weeks. This allows for a greater concentration of focus, laser clarity and exponential growth.

For example, the Wealth & Finance focus area, you will spend four weeks aligning your desire, vision, habits, strategy and Identity specifically in that area of your life.

You will explore and experience transformative growth, which will rotate in the following themes:


Focus on flexing your mental muscles to build clarity, confidence and courage. It's time to stop self-sabotaging. It's time to follow through with what you want.


Influence yourself and other people. No more frustrating conversations, connect with ease as you learn how to quickly align with anyone's motivation or focus.


Focus on improving and enhancing your relationships. You will discover the roles you play, conscious and unconscious rules you have in relationships, find your ideal mate if you don't already have one and build a foundation of impactful communication.


Focus on 7 key areas to cultivate the identity of a wealth builder: Budgeting, Investing, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Cash Flow, Credit Management, Tax Management.


Your health is your wealth. You are your greatest asset. Develop a sustainable identity of optimal health and high performing energy.


Know what you want in your career or business, develop your visions and step up powerfully as a leader. You know you can and want to make a greater impact and contribution in this world.


  • Online Weekly Coaching Program
  • New extended coaching videos every week with Growth-U advisors, including Rod Hairston and other guests. Thought-leaders and experts will collaborate in various monthly themes.
  • Weekly LIVE training calls with authors, subject matter experts and speakers.
  • Weekly Team Calls that provide additional coaching for deeper application, connection and accountability.
  • Learn, connect and grow weekly with like-minded individuals on calls and in the team chat.
  • Access from anywhere in the world with internet and an internet computing device.
  • Weekly assignment: coaching video and journal entries.
  • Share assignments with your Growth Mastery community. Inspire and be inspired by others.
  • Monthly Subscription - you may opt out at any time.

For over 20 years Growth-U has successfully guided thousands of individuals in transformative growth built around commitment, consistency and conditioning. This proven process is designed to expand your identity as you plan and execute your goals at a higher level. In Growth Mastery, you are building your life story exactly as you desire.


You will capture a vision, which encompasses what you are grateful for now and what you will receive in the future. From this moment on you are in control of your destiny. You are writing your story. We show you and empower you through how to do the rest.


You must create a conscious result in order to create a new habit. All your actions are moving you towards an outcome or goal. A habit is an unconscious action that you do without thinking about and it's something you feel comfortable with. You will determine the results you're looking for from your habits.


You must create conscious reasons to prepare you to go through deception in developing your new habit. Reasons create long-term follow through. Real reasons always bring you back to your focus. If you find you are off-track or sabotaging yourself, your reasons will aid in regaining your focus.


You must identify the roles and models that will support your new identity in each theme. All of your habits are attached to your roles. Your roles make up your identity. By attaching the results you want to each role, you change your identity and self-definition. This will also support you in following through and changing those automatic responses.


You must wash out the old before implementing the new. It's easy to make the mistake of taking new action without removing the automatic responses that are already there - your unconscious automatic responses. This is why so many people fall short of breaking through. Responses are the big picture actions that will get you to the results you want. These are the automatic actions that we take on a daily basis to move us toward a result in our life.


You must take smaller steps in order to change the automatic responses. Implementing the law of commitment and consistency, we take smaller steps to build habits and let the habits get our results. This way you don't feel the pain, thus slipping past your unconscious mind and reconditioning the old with the new.


Weekly vs. Daily Conditioning

Growth Mastery is designed easily integrate with your busy schedule! You have the flexibility of weekly participation.

You have one full week to complete approximately 30 minutes of assignments and coaching video when it best fits your schedule. You may spread it out over a few days or do it all in one sitting each week. We are outcome focused and flexible in our approach!


Weekly Training Call

You have the opportunity to join a LIVE coaching call with authors, thought leaders, subject matter experts and Growth-U Certified Advisors.

Experience principle-based training and accountability from the best of the best!


Weekly Team Calls

You have the ability to join multiple Certified Growth Mastery Advisor lead Team Calls throughout each week. We will have numerous advisors on different days and times so you can fit the best call into your schedule!

Certified Advisor lead Team Calls are designed to provide a place to share and learn from one another as well as receive encouragement, insight and provide clarity from week to week in the program!


How To Start Your Growth Mastery Membership

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