This program is designed to unlock the real reasons holding you back from experiencing the healthy and energetic life you want and provide you the road map to get there!
(hint, it's not a workout or meal plan)

Your health is everything. Without it, it is nearly impossible to achieve the goals you set and live the life you desire. Creating sustainable health is more than trying out yet another workout or nutritional plan and seeing if it sticks. It is a lifestyle shift built on a mindset and identity that result in habits that lead to optimal health

What You Will Learn:

  • New ways to evolve your physical and nutritional health through creative, outcome-focused techniques that drive results.
  • How to break old habits and patterns while developing new mindset habits that help you thrive and are sustainable.
  • Powerful beliefs and behaviors to expand your health identity to align with your goals while eliminating health self-sabotage.
  • Techniques to build healthy and wealthy habits that multiply your successes and bring insights from your challenges.
  • New ways to increase your confidence and unlock your full potential of wellness for yourself and those around you.

Reaching new fitness and nutritional goals is no longer just a hope or far off dream. As you enter your private program each day, you are guided through a journey in developing your next level health identity. With a healthy identity, you avoid the limiting beliefs about yourself, your body, food, and working out that are holding you back.

The 7 most common reasons people struggle with health:

  • Do not believe they have the energy or ability to be healthy
  • Want a quick fix rather than changing daily habits around health
  • Resent their body or current health and are unable to see the capability within them
  • Have no idea how to start getting healthy and staying healthy
  • Believe that at their age or stage in life, it is normal to be falling apart or ok not to be healthy and energetic
  • Justify and defend their current habits that deteriorate their health because it feels normal or comfortable to them
  • Consumed by worrying about how to become healthier and if they will ever have the energy to make it happen


On-Time Point System, Completion Point System, Daily reminder emails



Viewed from any computing device with internet access, 24 hour access to complete your daily entries



NO one will see anything you write in the program. You have access to your journal entries any time when you complete the program



Thirty advisor videos from people at all levels of health evolutions. Join CEO of Growth-U, Rod Hairston and a team of Growth-U Advisors and Growth Leaders to identify energy blockages and unlock the next evolution of your health.



Team of Growth-U Advisors are there to support and guide you in the program. Email Advisors right from the program.

What You Will Experience

  • Re-Evolution provides you a flexible roadmap with daily insights, which guide you every step of the way. From the moment you start your 60-day program, you are supported by advisor videos and daily reinforcement to help you stay on track and allow the program to do the heavy lifting. With an expanded health identity, you avoid the limiting beliefs about yourself, your body, and nutrition that have been holding you back
  • Join Rod Hairston, founder of Growth-U, in weekly videos where he walks you through the principles and powerful first-person stories, as well as insightful research examining the common patterns, beliefs, and habits that hold you back from your next level health and energy.
  • This powerful experience offers you the opportunity to reclaim your healthier identity!

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