We asked, "How have Growth-U programs impacted your life?"

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I am only on my second week of Growth U and I am already seeing the changes in me. I am more intentional in my daily activities and more proactive in my role as a leader in our company. I am beyond excited for what the future brings with this program guiding me to a whole new level of self development, awareness and leadership! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Twilight B.

This is day 2 of using this new program that my facility has given us the opportunity to grow as a whole. I love it because it makes me want to be a better person and employee and help others grow. I am excited to see what else is on this 6 week module. God Bless.


I'm grateful for this course and a true vision that works. It woke me up from just being a violence survivor to becoming a triumphant survivor.

Christiane C.

Growth U has been pivotal in my life a major game changer. I am seeing life through a completely different set of eyes now and the future looks very bright.

RĂ©al A.

As an educator, I was excited to attend the Top 50 event. I believe that we can always learn something from programs that are focused on growth and learning. I began the program poised with my pen and my notebook; I was ready to learn. I left with my notebook virtually empty but my head was spinning with all that I experienced. I hadn't actually planned on growing or participating in a way that would impact my life emotionally. Participating in the Top 50 event was one of the best things I've done for myself in the last decade. I feel a renewed sense of energy to achieve the goals I had long forgotten about and to develop new goals that I never knew I had.

Sherry T.

From the 45 day Transformation to Growth Mastery to Mastery with Rod, the programs developed by the Growth-U team have been instrumental in taking my personal and professional lift to another level. This is not just cliche, I have truly discovered ideas and goals that I didn't know I had. I am stepping into leadership in a confident and public way and can not wait to see what tomorrow's growth brings.

Denise M.

I am loving this program and learning so much about myself! I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

Haley F.

i LOVE how available Ashley, my program advisor is. I can email and within what feels like minutes i'm getting a response back AND i love how open you are to completing my requests. i have never taken part in a program like this before. i'm excited to be committed and complete it! I know this is just the beginning for me.

Ashleigh D.

After attending my very first Top 50 event I found inner strength and belief in myself to decide not to let anything stop me from reaching my goals and continue to grow. I was given tools to start my journey. Now the next 6 weeks will reinforce what I have learned. I feel some fear but I have self confidence that I am worthy of the success in my vision. I finally feel that I can and I will be the successful leader I always knew I could be.

Sheri M.

This is the fourth day of The Colors of Influence program and I've already got 10x value I paid. I am beyond excited!! Thank you Growth U Team!!!

Jeannine S.

As I write this, I am 57 years of age, a retired Hospice MSW, a former Foster Mother to 39 kids and adopted mom of 3. I have looked at the human condition through a variety of lenses. I have had the privilege of learning and growing under Rod's teaching through 5 environments: Isagenix: Healthy Mind & Body, The Top 50 Conference & The 2 Color classes taught through Growth University, as well as Rod's book: Are You Up For The Challenge. Meeting Rod in person was revolutionary. Not only does he walk the talk, but he is filled with an extraordinary combination of humility and expertise. He presents with both passion and humor. He helped me to understand that it's not about arriving, it's about the journey. Rod's ability to understand and communicate what truly makes people tick, opened entirely new perspectives to consider. While I have experienced other valuable personal growth courses, I have grown more than I could ever have predicted under the teaching of Rod Hairston as implemented through Growth University. The daily personal growth challenges are invaluable. I would add that the staff at Growth-U are amazing. They are consistently thoughtful, insightful, encouraging and an intrical part of the program. My only question would be, When will they develop the next course?

Tina N.

I started using Isagenix last September. After attending NYKO in San Antonio and meeting Rod, I registered for HM&B and am now cycling it for the third time. Growth-U has been an amazing four weeks and I look forward to the next 2 and helping my team in a greater leadership identity. The cycle of growth and the timeless systems that Healthy Mind & Body and Growth U delve into, along with Rod's book "Are You Up for the Challenge" are wealth beyond measure as I tap deeper into the levels of gift and sacrifice that make me the best version of myself daily!

Maria F.

I love Growth-U! I attended the Top 50 event, and I highly recommend it. This event and the 6-week integration helped me gain a new sense of clarity of my vision and my path. I arrived foggy and unsure, but I left focused, inspired, and renewed. Great program for anyone looking to take things to the next level.

Stephanie D.

I just want to start by saying how much I love this program! I started using Isagenix products about a year ago but didn't see a difference until I started Healthy Mind and Body followed by Transform U- 45 Days to Successful Habits. Let me explain-just like every diet plan I have tried nothing was ever going to work until I got my mind healthy and my emotions in check. I've never been over weight, but I have always been unhappy with my body since I was 18yrs old. I have developed habits of emotional eating through the years and they have been tough to break. After being involved in the Healthy Mind and Bidy followed by 45Days I'm FINALLY understanding the reasons why I do what I do and how to break those eating habits. I have learned there is a cycle of performance that we go through and how to change from the inside out NOT outside in! No diet has ever included this emotional program and it has literally been life changing for me! I am now sticking with a healthy nutrition plan and reaching my goals in terms of how I want to look and feel about my body! I can't say enough about this program and want to share it with everyone! I also strongly feel that Healthy, Mind and GrowthU should be a prerequisite to using the products especially if you aren't seeing the changes you desire.

Tressa J.

After 3 rounds of Healthy Mind and Body, I decided to pop over to Growth U. I will enroll in other trainings as soon as possible. Healthy Mind and Body is the real deal. My family and I participated in a bodymind community for over a decade that in the end became cultish and unhealthy. We traded cult for culture and love the personal development. I can assure you, this is the real deal!

Nicole Alise N.

Growth U and The 45 Days to Successful Habits impacted me in a much bigger way than I had expected! I've have gained some massive insight into what it takes to switch bad habits into good ones and most importantly, identifying the triggers that cause them or have them tend to creep back into my life. One thing I really enjoyed was taking time to identify the role models in my life and breaking down the characteristics of each and then applying those to my own life. It takes consistency and practice! The course is awesome, so much so, that I've taken it twice already! Love it!

Doug J.

Each day I learn that the goals I set are achievable. It takes focus, commitment, and action. It is a daily effort., much like a marathon...it's about training the mind to strive towards the goal. I am getting better each day at following my vision.

Brenda B.

The Growth- U program is allowing me to map out my ideal goals for work and personal growth. I hope to gain a clarity into what is important to my needs while prioritizing those needs.

Kristin L.

It feels good to know that I can, really KNOW. Thats whats different, knowing. The distant between knowing and believing can be as big as The Grand Canyon, but when you know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to nothing seems impossible. Im supremely grateful to be here and learn all I can. Life only gets better from here, THAT... I know!

Charles S.

At times I find it very difficult to articulate the immense impact that Growth-U has had on my life. I am holistically a different person than I was when I started my personal development journey 2 years ago. Because I have been taught that I am the best investment that I can make, I am taking full advantage of the diverse program offerings here at Growth-U.

As a result, I have been able to successfully reprogram specific thoughts and behaviors that were not serving me, which has allowed me to become a better husband, father, leader and friend. My relationships with the people in my life are more authentic and even my spiritual "walk" has grown as a result. The success that I see in my life today is directly related to the time and resources that I have invested and continue to invest in my personal Growth-U journey.

I am beyond grateful for every member of the Growth-U team, and I am enthusiastic about what the future has in store as I continue the adventure of becoming the best version of me.

Brian W.

Hi, I, like some of the others did the Healthy Body and Mind session, just prior to this and although it is similar this is different and better . That could be because my mind is more receptive and open to the course. I am making progress but still have a ways to go, so I am hoping that in the next 2 weeks I will progress and be sailing at the end. It is interesting to do the different challenges and initially they look hard but when done, find that it wasn't that bad. I find the video sessions helpful and encouraging . Arcot R.

Arcot R.

Hello Healthy Growing Minds,
I must say this Healthy Mind &Body program has been a life saver for me.
I was making several excuses why then was not the time to try it, not to commit to something for 60 whole days in a row. Because of the abuse my ex is putting me through, I thought it would be best to wait until after the court order was final and had moved on with life. I am so glad I didn't wait because it has been in the courts since June 2014 and still not over. The program helped focus on ME, not anyone else like him. I grounded my WHY, which is my daughter and her future. I am addicted to personal development. I have been in deep one on one therapy, seen several psychologists, a psychiatrist, many counsellors, Addictions counselling, Took a Neuropsychological Exam in another city for over 9 hours straight, was forced to undergo a Parental Capacity Test by a court ordered Psycologist (I did very well) he did not. I joined violence support, my point is this online program by Rod Hairston is unbelievable as far as consistency and keeping you focused on your inner self. It forced me to think, write thoughts down and apply them into action. Thank you so much for returning the cost directly into my back office! Free training and food for thought! Can it get any better?

Christine M.

Wow. My life now compared to how it was a year ago is mind-blowing. I went from being a depressed (though there's no way I would have admitted it at the time), unhappy, uninspired, unhealthy stay at home mom of two little boys to being a dynamic, outgoing, loving, giving and GROWING person. The impact that these programs has had on me is paramount to anything I've ever experienced -even living in other countries, getting married, having kids, being severely ill, etc. Why? Because even though I still experience life, the good, the bad, the travel, the growing of my business, the being a mom, wife, daughter, friend...I used the principles in these programs to help me GROW, LEARN & LOVE through my experience. And I lovingly shed self limiting beliefs, which I'm still doing and will continue to do. What are you waiting for? Sign up!

Katy S.

The leadership call that you had on Friday, Rod, preparing us to lead the Influence month was a life-shifting moment. You changed my story and my state. I asked the question about the analogy of team's forming, storming, and performing that I had previously used in my competitive volleyball background. You reminded me of the "norming" phase of this growth concept and my aha moment was made! I now see, feel, understand the inception, deception, transformation and identity phases so clearly within myself and with those around me. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question on the call and for truly changing my story and how to use these incredible Growth-U tools! So full of gratitude for you and all the advisors!

Joanna C.

I am single 25 year old searching for answers and testing any theory I come across....being raised with 9 siblings had tons of challenges but out of it great lessons were learned, just a few are never stop growing, commit to happiness, ask better questions, show up, take action, test beliefs and most importantly love unconditionally. People told me great many things but few of their actions proved it so just advice for myself, careful I am always watching, stop talking and start listening, stop preaching and start doing and stop fighting and start accepting. Many life's answer are in the journey, enjoy it!!! Thanks Rod

Vinny D.

So far I've attended 2 shorter presentations where Rod Hairston spoke, accompanied by Molly on the 2nd one. I was very positively impacted / motivated by the clear, rational, structured approach he described, to help implement positive change in one's life.
He is able to make difficult concepts acceptable, through narration of his own and others' experiences, which helps to break down barriers in understanding where one's own limiting beliefs may be stalling out any forward progress, or identifying patterns of behavior that sabotage and wreak havoc with attempts to grow, repeatedly.
The initial short sessions were insightful enough, to me, that it was not difficult at all to decide to take it to the next level, and enter a 6-week program. I've entered it now, week 1... I expect it will push me - that's why I'm here.

Laine M.

Growth-U has had a significant impact on my life in so many different areas. I have become a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, friend, coach and business partner since starting two years ago. I have a level of belief in myself that I never thought I would feel and confidence in who I am. The programs continue to move me forward and unfold so many layers, making it so clear that I function at my highest level when immersed in this beautiful culture. There is a program for everyone depending on where you are, I'm so grateful for each of them I have experienced!

Trish R.

The Growth-U program has been a game changer for me. I have gained so much insight into how I can break through some of the limiting thought processes and attitudes that are holding me back from being the best leader and self I can be. Some of the most important tools I am learning and implementing are the idea and attitude that accepting responsibility for everything that has and will happen in my life frees me to create the life I desire. I love meditating on the following:
What you focus on you find.
What you focus on grows.
What you focus on seems real.
What you focus on ultimately you become.

Heidi B.

Top 50- Growth-U is literally changing my life for the better, I am already better as a husband, father, leader and friend........ I can't believe the power of this one take away, this one 'nugget', I got today around the process of deception. I have been leading my team with 100% direction and not asking leading questions, where growth can really happen - like 'what do you think?' Funny part - I believed I was right and doing what was best for my teams growth. Crazy simple, yet CRAZY EXCITING! I know I am growing and can't THANK Susan/Molly and Rod enough for this opportunity!

Jason D.

Growth-U has, in a short period of time, impacted my life by forcing me to look deep within myself. It gives you the tools to allow you to be vulnerable, to self reflect, and therefore allowing you to be a better person and leader. It allows you to cleans within and frees you from the negative feelings and garbage that comes from the past. It gives you tools to cope with daily life, hence making you a better person and leader! If you think you can... you will and I know I can!

Brenda Bebe H.

Growth-U programs came into my life when I needed them the most. I was moving in a downward spiral and needed the push up to learn how to get spinning in the right direction again so I could grow and thrive to my full potential. I first read, "Are you up for the Challenge," this shifted my thinking from always putting myself into the victim role to understanding I needed to find a new identity. My next experience was doing the "Healthy Mind and Body" program through Isagenix and this got me to really reflect on my daily routines. I stopped making excuses, self sabotaging, and learned I had to get it done! It got me back into the gym...success! And now, I just finished the Top 50 program over the past weekend and have been moved to a higher understanding that it is not about me it is about what I can do to serve others. In return, I will discover my truest identity and find the person I have been striving to be. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...Kami is in the house!!!

Kami C.

I recently started the 45 day Growth-U program and have found it to be very useful in my day to day dealings at the office and home. What I really like about the program is it makes you really think about yourself , your life and how you show up in the world!

Definitely a winner in my book.

Omar C.

After finishing HEATHLY MIND and BODY I was directed to Growth-U...and I'm thankful I was because, after going through many difficult issues in my life I was looking for something I could learn and grow with. I know I'm teachable, I know I've always wanted to learn more about My Life and Business. Now I have the tools to Grow and Learn New thinking habits as well as New relationships, and I'm learning the right way to Grow a business that will benefit others as well as Myself.
Thank You All at Growth-U' this is a Life Changed and will continue to do so.

Barbara E.

So far It has been very challenging to make me aware of many "hidden" behaviours, attitudes, way of thinking and leadership styles. This program has been extremely helpful to fully be aware of these and their true positive ways of dealing and change them into everyday attitudes and making me a much balanced and targeted professional. Thank you!

Sandra R.

I have been a student of Rod for just over a year now. I started with his program Healthy Mind and Body which I love to this day. I will continue to use this program and more of Rod's in the future.

Randy D.

What a fantastic program. You learn how to break your habits. Your bad ones or the ones that don't serve you any more. How to create new ones. You learn that you do have control over your thoughts, your actions and your reactions. You learn how to change your mindset. To quote Henry Ford with my little addition " if you think you can change your life, or you think you can't - then you are right". This sums up this program

Geoff S.

From Sunday...

A quote I am focusing on.... removing a perceived obstacle in my way and replacing it with something supportive.

Shana D.

Attended my first Growth-U session with Rod Hairston and was very impressed with his simple approach to what can be a complex subject - Leadership. While I am a believer that everyone is born with the tools required to be a leader, Rod simply presents the knowledge required for one to recognize their potential and opens the doors for all to further pick and chose from their tool box those tool (skills) sets that work best for them.

Debra Mayfield-Russell
Cochrane, AB Canada

Debra M.

Your life will never change until you take 100% responsibility for you and your goals. No one else is responsible for your life. There will be things and situations that will be out of your control but it's learning to handle those, having a constructive and positive attitude, always learning, always moving forward that will lead you toward your success.

Stephanie S.

Thank you for this insightful experience! An amazing journey!

Elijah C.


Trevor M.

This is my third week and I see the impact it has had on me in every area of my life. I thought I had reached a stand still but with great coaching came to understand that I was truly entering the "Deception" period that Rod talked about. I can see that sticking with this will continue to have significant impact in my life. I would recommend this program to all who are willing to learn to be their 'authentic' selves!

Terri M.

I absolutely love the Growth-U programs!!
I am self employed and have been for years and work really hard at "spinning my wheels". Growth-U is teaching me to be more conscious of my surroundings, for e.g. my relationships at home, with friends and in business, the people I usually assume will be there and are. However my relationaships are more profound, stronger and have deeper meaning.
I am learning to be more of a person rather than go day by day spinning the wheels. Doing a little bit every day keeps me on track of my goal and create powerful visions and to be accountable to myself. I am learning to be a leader in a signifant way, I knew being a leader takes work but I wasnt sure what the work was.... 45 Day Leadership is it !!!
When I say "learning" that is because after doing Healthy Mind and Body, Life Balance and now Leadership I can see that one should continue to learn and never consider it a done deal.
If your reading this you have already made a choice to learn more, to grow more, to be more. You deserve to be amazing for your self and for those you encounter in the world !!
Embrace the journey.... your the driver, enjoy the ride !!

Nancy Q.

Addicted to personal growth and expanding human potential...Growth-U is definitely adding value to my quality of life and my quest for ultimate performance in myself and my team.

Karolynn D.

Although this is my first venture into a 45 day Growth U program I am proud to say that I completed the Healthy Mind and Body program that was available to all Isagenix associates. I learned so much through that program. Deception became something I had to be brave enough to face and start to conquer. I also learned to acknowledge when things happen and instead of accepting it, being strong to change it. HMB was so instrumental in getting me from there to here. I still have to grow and finish breaking down the walls that prevent me from succeeding in all facets of my life. I decided to this 45 day program because I know it will just continue the growth path that i journeyed on with Healthy Mind and Body. Such a blessing and such an eye-opening experience.

MichelleAngela B.

I have just finished this programme and I am amazed at the change that has come about in my life since I began. I am finding myself using much more positive language in my everyday speech and mentally pulling myself up, even before my thoughts become words. I am a great grandmother and only days away from my 70th birthday so you can imagine that I really thought I was too set in my ways to change. Boy, was I wrong. I am still active in my Healing business and also my Isagenix business and during this programme I have noticed a noticeable increase in both of these. Even though I am thrilled with my results, I am excited to start another programme because I realise that it has taken me a long time to live with my old habits and I want to make sure that I don't find myself going back to those.
I would recommend this programme to anyone who is interested in living a positive, and loving life with emotional growth in all areas of that life. Just one piece of advice. Don't leave it as long as I did to do it. I can only imagine where I would be, had I had access to this work 50 years ago. Rod Hairston and his team, have a method of teaching that can benefit any person of any age and I am so grateful that I found out about them when I did. Enjoy the experience. I know I did.

Vivienne G.

I cannot even begin to articulate the words to create a message that encompasses the level of awareness and growth that I have received since May 2015. I started with The 45 Day Challenge and then later completed the 60 day Healthy Mind and Body created by Growth U, I also invested in Rod's book called, Are you up for the Challenge. What I can say is that I've had 6 months of MASSIVE growth, MASSIVE shifts and even though these growing moments haven't been easy, they have been powerful and I will continue to grow.. As I continue to transform into the person that I have always been underneath it all, (you know, under the masks, the expectations from others, the facade) I am realizing that the true, authentic person inside me, is someone I didn't need to hide after all. These programs and the wonderful trainers and facilitators (Rod, Molly, Tonia etc.) have inspired me to become the true version of me - and to be honest, this version of myself - the transparent and authentic person that I am today, is far happier, more whole and less overwhelmed in this world that seems to expect so much from each of us. Less is more and now I see why. Get in touch with your true, authentic, self - that you've always wanted to know. Change may not be easy, but staying stuck is NOT fun.

Tara C.

I am new at Growth U and loving it so far!! It is a great way to start the day and the tasks are practical, simple and impactful. Thank you Christopher McCoy for introducing me to the Growth U Community!

John P.

Daily Growth 365 is fantastic!
This program helps you to understand yourself on levels so deep it's DEEP!
It is super quick, only one question to consider each day and I feel like I know myself so much better than ever before.

Kate B.

Hi, I am so incredibly excited to begin the Life Balance Program. I know I have a lot to learn about myself to become the greatest version of who I am suppose to be. Thank you for this amazing opportunity

Jacqueline F.

After completing the Healthy Mind and Body program I was looking for an extension of those activities. I am grateful to this community that Growth-U has provided.

Christina B.

Growth-U has provided me with the tools I needed to really explore my own thoughts, words and actions and how they impact my personal growth and ultimate success in achieving my goals not only in business but in my relationships and health and fitness. I have explored and/or used other programs out there and nothing compares to this in terms of accountability and support for the long term. I have been able to truly develop into a more effective and confident coach and mentor for the people that are coming to me for help in achieving similar goals. Thank you Growth-U!!

Tara H.

The biggest investment anyone can make is in themselves! I love learning about me and getting better. Any and all courses help. I love Growth- U!

Brie R.

Today being my first day in the Growth-U program, I am looking forward to growing and making an impact in my life. I am just completing the Healthy Mind and Body and feel I can continue to grow with this program.

Michelle H.

I'm looking forward to this program since I'm just finishing the Healthy Mind & Body program. I believe you can never stop growing and changing for the better.

Cheryl L.

Oh my gosh! I'm not sure I've ever really made a concrete, got-it-written-down Bucket List, although now I see the value and importance. (How can I enjoy that burst of endorphins that accompanies crossing things off my list, if I don't have a list before me?)

That said, while not exactly on my concrete/conscious list of "things to do," I did agree to the rather monumental change of moving from the lakes and woodlands of the Midwest, to a home in the Arizona desert, sight unseen. I've committed to learning a new landscape, terrain, climate and time zone. While not as concrete, I am growing through the push of this program. I've started a Meetup group, made a few tentative friends, launched a business as a tutor, and am acquiring the necessary confidence and skills to grow my MLM business. First, I'm growing a new me, step by step, from the inside-out.

Mary G.

When I enrolled in the Life Balance program I knew I'd need to dig deep inside to make the most of my time and money. I have never been a part of anything like this before. From pointed questions jn daily assignments, weekly team calls or just one on one calls with our advisor, my life has greatly been changed for the better. Our team advisor is our cheerleader. She genuinely cares for each team member. I'm so thankful to have have found out about this program!

Annie B.

This program has made me stretch myself in areas not seemed possible. It has helped to try to also see the possibility of a positive attitude in every situation. I love that every day has a different focus. Some days have been difficult but those are great growth days.

Penny H.

Growth U is impacting my life by giving me an excitement for the NOW and a plan for the FUTURE

Jackie S.

Day 2 and I already feel empowered. I could not wait to wake up and see what Day 2 had in store for me today!!! My energy is already elevated and I am looking forward to the next 43 days. To know I am going to Grow-to know that I am going to create daily consistent habits- to know that I will win-to know that I will feel every bit of excitement and success that my friends and colleagues are experiencing right now because they just completed their 45 day Growth U challenge is igniting my body. Looking forward to knowing my Growth-U family and creating life long relationships. Watching others Grow within our community called "Life" will be none other than life changing. To finally find purpose-to finally finally define my VISION and be successful is something that I cannot put into words!!! To our health-To our success!!!!!

Debra C.

You never stop growing and you never stop learning. Currently I am going through a 45 day Growth Challenge. Today is day 10 and I must say it has been an enlightening productive experience. I am still a work in progress and I thank God for that. Todays focus was Gratitude. It is so important to count your blessings and give thanks.

Another point that was emphasised today was to hold off judgement until you weigh the evidence. In todays world we can pass judgement without ever really investigating that which we have judged.Holding off judgement it is said gives us time to up date our thought patterns and changes our can nots into why not~~ It gives one the opportunity to expand into God's unique call on your life.

Janice W.

Personal development is the best education we can give ourselves. The Growth-U program has been one of the best I have taken. Working for an employer, you are given opportunities to attend training's that help you become a better employee, yet lack in helping you find the possibilities. How many times have you asked yourself, if only I could get out of my own way? Learning skills is great, yet Growth-U will help you find that person inside that wants more and help you explore how to develop into that person. With some consistent daily action, a bit of competition and mentoring, you too will develop the habits to have more.

Tami E.

I will be honest I was a little afraid of this program to start. I am proud to say that I stuck with it and truly enjoyed every part of it. I learned so much about how the past has influenced me even when I said that I would never let it. Unconsciously it does! I know how to stop negative thinking and that has been the best part of all! I decide! Thank you Growth U! Thank you Rod Hairston for this program! I highly recommend it to everyone, young and old!

Winnie G.

After my first 45 days, I'm astounded as to how much I've changed. My fiancé sees it. My friends and family see it. I've been able to step outside of my comfort zone and become comfortable with being uncomfortable! For anybody looking to create real change, this is the way to do it. Systematically every single day putting in the work, creating a new you, to serve towards your ideal life. I've already begun my next 60 day challenge program and will never go another day without taking a few minutes out of my day to recognize what it is I'm working for, what I'm coming from, and how I'm going to get there.

Thank you Rod Hairston.

Terry N.

Growth-U's forty five day challenge was awesome. I love that it's online and that it helps build the muscle of habit. My business grew, my fitness levels increased, my relationship became more solid and I felt grounded during the program. This was a great launching pad.

Wendy Joy L.

WOW! What a difference 45 Days can make! When I began this challenge I was dealing with another major bout of depression. I really doubted this program would do anything for me. I committed to this and knew my IsaFamily was there supporting me. I worked hard developing my visions for my mind, my heart, my body and my soul. I viewed my assignment each morning and thought through the execution of the day. In the evenings, I reviewed and worked through the steps from my old identity to my brand new self! Rod Hairston has the ability to show us how the giant leaps in life can be broken down into baby steps!
If you are looking for REAL change in your life, then you must apply these principles! My heart is full of gratitude to God, who created life and to Rod Hairston, who figured out a better way to walk through life!

Cindy J.

This program is a game changer! I have so enjoyed "getting to know myself" (good and bad) and learning the tools to release the bad habits that don't serve me well. I am on my way to becoming the leader that I've always dreamed of being ...all because of Growth U!

Paige U.

Thank you Rod for this amazing 45 day Growth-U programme. The structure and composition is brilliant and for me has been very compelling
Your video at the beginning of each week quantifies the challenges laid out and sets the pace for the week. I will miss that.
The interaction with team members has been brilliant, the sharing and caring has brought total strangers together. Our team leader Aga is both professional in her approach and so insightful as she leads the chat on Fridays. She shows tremendous empathy and I feel leads by example
I see an enormous change in me for the better, I feel confident and ready and I thank you for showing me I have the ability to grow.
I believe that everyone should do this 45 day program even just once

Judith N.

Growth-U and my work in the program has made a tremendous impact on my life. I went from fearful to fearless. I was deceiving myself, I thought my life and attitudes were serving me well. Thankfully, I listened to the still small voice in my head that said: "Participate in this program, put your heart into it, commit, say yes to change, and trust in the program." I am so very grateful for my team mates. We supported each other through the challenges we faced. I am proud of myself for the commitment and can now visualize the opportunities that are before me. I have grown. I am powerful. There is a big, beautiful world out there waiting for better health, both mentally and physically, and I can help. My sincerest thanks to Rod for the videos every week and Aga, my team's counselor, for helping me to accept the challenge of change and grow through it into a better me. I will continue to access Growth-U to ensure the long term health of the new thoughts and behaviors of this stronger me.

Catherine A.

This week feels like a breakthrough week as there seems more ease and success around. It feels like a jigsaw is just fitting into place. I feel more self belief, and positive mindset with more consciousness of how to move forward with more ease and success. I'm REALLY EXCITED! Thank you x

Lisa C.